Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) Centers are designed to give children who are medically fragile and/or with a complex medical condition quality medical care in the least restrictive environment possible.

For parents of children with complex medical needs, the challenge of finding quality child care can be overwhelming. For many of these parents, leaving the work force is not an option. They need income and health care benefits to help offset the costs associated with caring for a child with complex medical conditions.

At Bridges PPEC Center, children with complex medical conditions can play and learn with other kids in a safe nurturing environment, freeing their parents to work and/or attend school. The Bridges PPEC Center’s inclusive day health program will provide a Protocol of Care which includes: medical, nursing, psychosocial, developmental, and educational therapies.

Bridges PPEC Center is staffed with an Administrator, a Medical Director, Director of Nursing Services, RN’s, LPN’s, EMT’s, CNA’s, PT’s, OT’s, ST’s and RT’s. This group, along with your child’s primary care physician, will work as a team to provide the best medical, developmental and educational care possible for your child.

All children requiring skilled nursing services need to be under the care of a licensed physician.

Who to Refer:

Any child/family that could benefit from medical and educational services throughout the day.